Polite and Rude Gestures

27 July

10:20 am

After staying up past one in the morning last night and not getting any sleep the night before, I am surprised I have gotten up this early. Haven’t brushed my hair, my teeth, or changed out of my pajamas.

Jana and Siobhan are playing outside, making lots of noise as they sing together, their voices out of tune and not very well synchronized.


12:37 pm

Jana and Siobhan are inside now. After playing with their new silly putty that ‘makes fart noises!’, as Jana says, they now stand in the kitchen, singing out-of-tune pop songs and making messes, like they seem to do.

28 July

04:34 pm

I just came home after spending fifteen minutes on Totem.

“Why were you gone so long?” Mom asked.

“Behan invited me in, but I think only as a polite gesture,” I said. “I think they were busy. I was trying to find out how to excuse myself.”

Dad said, pointing his finger adamantly as he grinned, “You should say, ‘Fuck your polite gestures, I don’t wanting fuck to do with it. I’m gonna leave and fuck your polite gestures.”

“Bernie!” Mom said as I laughed.

He was laughing too.

“I don’t know why that was funny,” I said, smiling.

“See?” Dad said to Mom. “I’m funny.”

“Yeah. So funny,” Mom said, but she was smiling too.

“I’m fucking funny!”

A couple minutes ago, I walked around to the kitchen. “You are an odd man,” I said.

He looked up at me. “I am. I am and odd, odd man. People are in odd of me.”

Laughing, I sat back down.

“Monkey,” he blurted.

“What the hell was that?” I asked.

He wiggled his eyebrows at me, offering no response.

30 July

10:23 am

Mom and Jana are working on contacting Jana’s teacher so they can Skype.

“I’m gonna call my mother to see if my Skype is working at all,” Mom says. I sit in my room, listening.

I hear the Skype ring tone as Mom calls Cecelia.

“Hello?” Mom asks.

“She hasn’t answered yet!” Jana says.

I start laughing uncontrollably as I come out of my room. “You are such a luddite,” I say.

“Just write hi,” Mom says. Now Jana is trying to email. “Just write hi and leave it at that.”

“Okay. There.” Jana passes the computer to Mom.

“No, you weren’t supposed to just write hi and send it!”

“You said just write hi!”

“Not to send it!”

10:31 am

I just escaped to my room after being climbed on by Jana with her wailing, “Boobies! Boooobies!” From what I can hear, she is still wailing.

Loooolaaaa!” she calls.

Into the fray I go now, yet again.

–Lola Elvy


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